AW935 Family of Next Generation Helicopters

AgustaWestland is the only helicopter manufacturer able to offer operators a family of next generation helicopters spanning the 4.5 to 8 tonne weight range. The AW169, AW139 and AW189 share the same design philosophy, safety features, maintenance concept and common cockpit design, all of which will deliver reduced through life costs for the operator of more than one type.


Both the AW169 and AW189 designs benefit from the operational experience of more than 450 AW139 that are now in service enabling proven solutions to be incorporated in the   AW169 and AW189 designs. All three helicopters also share commonality of certification, safety and operational requirements and are designed to meet or exceed the latest CS/JAR/FAR29 and JAROPS3 standards, as well as the safety guidelines of the major operators and oil & gas companies.


The external architecture of all three types include a highly streamlined fuselage to enhance cruise speed whilst having high main and tail rotor clearances for safety whilst on the ground. In terms of internal architecture the AW169, AW139 and AW189 feature the same design philosophy, with a large unobstructed cabin featuring a flat floor and ceiling, large windows for each row of seats and a bright spacious environment. Large sliding cabin doors allow easy access in and out of the cabin with every row of crashworthy seats aligned with an emergency exit on each side of the aircraft.


All three types have a 30 minute gear box run dry capability, sea state 6-capable emergency flotation system and externally-mounted life rafts for over water missions.  Though powered by different turbine engine models with different outputs, the AW169, AW139 and AW189 boast unparalleled performance in their respective weight classes with class leading cruise speeds and Category A performance. All engines are equipped with FADEC systems and turbine burst containment protection.  


In parallel with the helicopter development programme AgustaWestland is developing a wide range of mission kits for the AW169 and AW189, in particular for SAR and offshore missions.

Core to the AgustaWestland family concept is the Common Cockpit technology offering the same ‘look and feel’, standardized symbology, instrumentation and access to information aimed at maximizing situational awareness and minimizing pilot workload. AgustaWestland’s  proprietary software is used for the aircrafts’ mission management system, advanced 4-axis AFCS, cockpit display system and navigation systems.      


Crucially, to help drive down operating costs, the family concept is also enshrined across the areas of product support and training. From the commonality of technical publications through to common tools cost savings can be made in many areas. The common cockpit technology also enables quicker and easier training for pilots converting from one type to another in the family.   


AgustaWestland’s family of next generation helicopters have achieved rapid market success with several major operators worldwide choosing this unique range of helicopters for a range of tasks. Orders for a combination of all the three or two types have been made by leading operators such as Bristow Group, Weststar Aviation Services of Malaysia, Bel Air of Denmark, INAER group and Bond Aviation Group (MoU) in the UK.

AgustaWestland 12/02/2012 12:13