AW1060 Elitaliana AW169

AW1060 Elitaliana AW169

AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, is pleased to announce that Elitaliana has signed a preliminary sales contract for three additional new generation AW169 helicopters to add to the three ordered in 2011. This latest sales success further establishes the AW169 as the helicopter of choice in its weight class with sales of over 80 aircraft since its commercial launch in early 2011.


Ordered in Emergency Medical Service configuration, the AW169s will support Elitaliana’s expansion plans which includes operating from new bases in Italy and abroad, in addition to the ones in the Lazio and Calabria regions of Italy. Established in 1964, Elitaliana has an unequalled record of continued helicopter operations in Italy. In addition to 24 hour EMS, its missions include SAR, utility and passenger transport performed by two AW109 Power and four Grand light twin helicopters.


Emilio Dalmasso, Senior VP Commercial Business Unit, AgustaWestland, commented “We are delighted that such an important operator in the HEMS sector has confirmed its confidence in the new generation AW169 helicopter by increasing the number of aircraft on order. The latest addition to our successful range of EMS platforms, the AW169 offers operators exceptional cost effectiveness and mission capabilities that enable them to deliver world class aeromedical services to the populations they serve.” 


Giampiero Pedone, Elitaliana’s Managing Director, said “We believe the all new AW169 helicopter, with its modern design, safety standards and mission capabilities, is the ideal solution for the future of our aeromedical transport and rescue operations. The partnership established with AgustaWestland is now even stronger and will provide a major contribution to a further growth of Elitaliana’s competitiveness.”  


A versatile, new generation twin engine light intermediate category helicopter, the AW169 has been designed in response to the growing market demand for an aircraft that delivers high performance, meets all the latest safety standards and has multi-role capabilities. The 4.5 tonne AW169 incorporates several new technology features to provide the highest levels of safety and operational benefits for its customers. New generation technologies are incorporated in the rotor system, engines, avionics, transmission and electric power generation and distribution systems.


Suited to both primary and secondary EMS missions, the AW169 can accommodate one or two stretchers, either longitudinally or transversally, which is especially important for operations where in-flight stretcher recovery is required. The cabin can also accommodate wheeled stretchers and can be configured with a full suite of advanced life support equipment.


Orders for more than 80 AW169s have been placed by operators around the world for many missions including air ambulance, law enforcement, corporate and VIP transport, utility and SAR. With all four prototypes flying the AW169 is on schedule to achieve EASA certification in the summer of 2014.

AgustaWestland 18/06/2013 11:46