First helicopter EASA Certification

First helicopter EASA Certification

The sole helicopter maker with system and Navigation Database design capability

AgustaWestland demonstrates it can generate and supply Navigation Database for the Flight Management Systems of its AW169 and AW189 models

Leveraging outstanding capabilities in avionics integration and development, customisation and the unique AW Family concept

This service is set to be suitable for the AW101 in the future



Finmeccanica-AgustaWestland announced today that it has obtained a Type2 Letter of Approval from EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) as a Navigation Database Supplier for helicopter Flight Management System (FMS). Under this EASA Certification, AgustaWestland is recognised as capable and allowed to generate and supply Navigation Database for the Flight Management Systems of its AW169 light intermediate and the AW189 super medium twin engine helicopter types.


AgustaWestland is the first rotorcraft manufacturer to obtain this EASA Certification and the sole helicopter company capable to both design FMS and Navigation Database. By doing so AgustaWestland is timely adopting solutions recommended by EASA which are set to become mandatory in the coming years. AgustaWestland can provide tailored solutions for its customers supplying on-demand Navigation Data. By leveraging the common cockpit technology approach already available for the AW169 and AW189 models, this service is set to be possibly suitable and available for the AW101 in the future. 


This latest achievement was possible thanks to the significant efforts devoted by the AgustaWestland Avionics Integration and Customer Support & Training Departments and builds upon the outstanding AgustaWestland’s in-house avionics integration and development, customisation capabilities as well as the unique design philosophy and benefits of the Agustawestland Family concept.



Note to Editors on AgustaWestland Family and Common Cockpit Concept

The AW169 and AW189 types are part of the AgustaWestland Family of new generation helicopters, also including the AW139, which possess the same high performance flight characteristics and safety features as well as sharing a common cockpit layout, design philosophy and maintenance concept. This commonality will allow more effective missions for customers operating helicopter fleets across the 4 to 9 tonne weight categories. Core to the AW169 and AW189 is the Common Cockpit technology offering the same ‘look and feel’, standardised symbology, instrumentation and access to information aimed at maximizing situational awareness and minimising pilot workload. AgustaWestland’s  proprietary software is used for the aircrafts’ mission management system, advanced 4-axis AFCS, cockpit display system and navigation systems.       

AgustaWestland 06/10/2015 16:20