Earth Day 2014: our commitment

For us, sustainable innovation is a goal to be achieved every day

Earth Day 2014: our commitment

Throughout the world today the focus is on our wonderful planet that has an increasing need for concrete actions in order to be protected. The Finmeccanica Group contributes to respond effectively to the challenges and to ensure, through its Planet Inspired Solutions, a sustainable development.


Finmeccanica has an integrated set of solutions enabling climate change monitoring, natural resources protection and management, improvement of energy efficiency, pursuance of sustainable mobility models, optimization of ICT solutions for health protection and education, counteraction of environmental degradation and natural disasters.


The Group is already able to play a prominent role in designing sustainable development. The solutions portfolio that we propose derives from the distinctive skills and technology, resulting from the convergence of technologies and abilities developed through by the Group's extensive experience in the defence and security and in the civil sectors.


Telespazio has been involved since 2007 in Love Planet Earth, an international campaign of information and awareness on environmental protection issues, that features exhibitions, conferences and calendars. The participation in major Earth observation programs such as COSMO-SkyMed and Copernicus provides a privileged position that has enabled the company to take part, in February, at  the Healthy Oceans and Seas: A Way Forward Forum, organized as part of the eighth session of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, with the aim of launching concrete initiatives for the protection of the oceans and seas through the use of technology.


For over thirty years Thales Alenia Space makes available to scientists and institutions its technological excellences in the field of environmental monitoring and climate change. The company is an integral part of the weather program Meteosat, providing the most sophisticated and sensitive instruments to study the atmosphere. Its contribution to the Earth observation systems also includes the production of the Sentinel 1 and Sentinel 3 satellites. The company is a leading player in space altimetry, a framework that allows the study of the sea surface, the thickness of sea ice and the levels of rivers and lakes, as well as the topography of the land and ice sheets and also of the seabed.


Selex ES is strongly committed to creating solutions that help maintaining a stable delicate balance between man and the environment in which they live. In particular, the company is at the forefront ensuring the safety of citizens as well as the production and distribution chains that relate to goods, services and information. For over a hundred years the company has been working closely with public and private organizations to improve the quality of life in urban and rural areas thanks to sustainable solutions for transport, energy management, communications, public services, the management and security of infrastructure and major events.


Planet preservation occurs also at 400 km above the Earth, where experiment with new solutions for life in orbit takes place on the International Space Station. From the studies for water purification and removal of gaseous contaminants in the air tracks, to the growth of plants in controlled environments, the stabilization and storage of non-recyclable waste: these are all activities that define a more aware and respectful relationship between the man and the planet on which he lives.


Continuous technological innovation and rational management of resources: on those paths we build a successful, environmentally friendly future.


Rome 22/04/2014