Selex ES and DRS Technologies offer advanced direction-finding capability

Selex ES and DRS Technologies offer advanced direction-finding capability

Finmeccanica companies DRS Technologies and Selex ES have combined to offer the Tactical Manpack COMINT Direction Finding (DF) system, which provides unmatched performance in a small, operator friendly, mission flexible package. It can rapidly detect and localize a wide-range of threat signals, monitor signals of interest, and support real-time analysis to provide mission-critical intelligence to the warfighter.


The system’s combination of light weight, low power, field programmability and multiple deployment configurations make it extremely well suited for a wide range of demanding operational scenarios.


The Selex ES collapsible DF antenna and DRS COMINT/DF manpack fit into a rucksack for easy portability. Setting up only requires the attachment of cables between a hand-held tablet PC unit, a monitoring & DF locating antenna and the communications radio. The sunlight-readable, handheld display can be attached to the rucksack for one-handed operation. It can also operate from a stationary or moving vehicle.


The manpack system can be used in either stand-alone mode or as part of a larger network. In addition, it can be incorporated and networked into the DRS Electronic Warfare System which includes electronic support, electronic attack and electronic warfare operations centers.



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