Bruce Sher to head Selex ES's Smart Building Division

Bruce Sher to head Selex ES's Smart Building Division

The global technology company Selex ES of Finmeccanica announces that it has hired smart grid energy expert, Bruce Sher, to head its Smart Building Division and the sales efforts for its Di-BOSS™ system, a new generation of digital building operating system launched last month.


"Bruce is an outstanding addition to the Smart Buildings team in the U.S.," says Bill Nieuwkerk, Chief Executive Officer of Selex ES' North American subsidiary managing the Smart Building program. "His proven expertise in energy management and smart grid technology will be critical for optimizing partnerships and placements of our Di-BOSS system. This breakthrough product will have a direct impact on people's lives, allowing for a smarter, more responsible and collaborative approach to building energy management."


Sher joins Selex ES from Weston where he was responsible for leading the energy services team and driving integrated energy management and environmental solutions. He has over 25 years of executive energy management experience on both the utility and customer sides of the meter including substantial experience with building control systems. He has managed innovative approaches to the integration of supply- and demand-side resources and has been involved with two start-up smart grid ventures. Sher became an Association of Energy Engineers Certified Energy Manager in 1985 and holds a B.S. in Biophysics from the University of Michigan and an M.S. in Energy Management and Policy from the University of Pennsylvania.


The Di-BOSS system, a joint development of Selex ES, Rudin Management, one of the largest privately held property management companies in New York City, and Columbia University through its School of Engineering and Applied Science, is an entirely new kind of digital building operating system solution. Di-BOSS integrates a building's systems into one easy-to-use, cockpit style dashboard interface that provides building managers with real time, occupancy-driven data and forecasts to support optimal scheduling and operating decisions. Energy usage is also visible by tenant, helping them understand and better control their individual energy consumption patterns.


Rudin Management piloted the Di-BOSS™ system in two of its largest New York City commercial properties covering over 2 million square feet of space. Rudin's team provided critical input to the system's design and functionality. Based on documented energy savings and operating improvements, Rudin will deploy the Di-BOSS operating system in their additional 14 commercial buildings. "Bruce's experience will ensure that Di-BOSS customers understand and take advantage of the system's many benefits to save both energy and money," said Gene Boniberger, SVP for Operations at Rudin Management. Columbia University energy researcher and professor, Dr. Roger Anderson, adds, "Bruce's credentials in smart grid science are exemplary and Di-BOSS customers will profit quickly and substantially from his expertise."


"I am excited to be involved with Selex ES' new Di-BOSS system," says Sher. "This innovative system will harness and accelerate the benefits of smart grid engineering and result in significant optimization strategies and cost savings for building managers and their tenants. We will continue to work closely with Rudin and Columbia and will establish key partnerships with building system vendors and expand our customer base. Selex ES generated significant interest with the Di-BOSS market launch last month and I look forward capitalizing on it."

Brewster, NY 24/06/2013 17:00