Cyber Security: a shared challenge

Cyber Security: a shared challenge

In recent years, cyber security has become a priority issue on the political agenda of national and international security for every country. It requires complex, quick and effective responses that are the result of specific expertise, synergistic actions, goals and resources to be shared. Cyber security extends across various operative fields and environments, thus having a direct impact on possible geo-political risk scenarios, such as terrorism, cybercrime, immigration flows and border control, protection and resilience of transportation, communications, energy, manufacturing plants, and safe cities.  



Leonardo’s solutions, technologies and services are used daily to ensure the security of critical infrastructures, public authorities, companies and individuals.

Leonardo delivers both civil and defence solutions, offering the maximum level of support during all phases of intervention, ranging from risk analysis to design and implementation of the security architecture, from training for the prevention and management of incidents to disaster recovery.
An important example of this is the largest cyber security project ever awarded outside of the United States, the protection network created by Leonardo for NATO,  with a cyber defence capability that ensures the security of information and communications to around 70 global sites and locations of the Atlantic Alliance, for a total of 70,000 users.


Leonardo provides its customers with a centre of excellence for cyber security at its Chieti site, where the Security Operation Centre (SOC) and the Open Source Intelligence Centre (OSINT) are located, where a High Performance Computer (HPC) is installed, one of the most powerful supercomputing infrastructures in the world. Leonardo also has a SOC in Bristol that is certified according to the standards required by British governmental entities.

SOC, which is in action 24 hours a day, 7 days a week guarantees situational awareness capabilities, by identifying malicious cyber activities, analysing them dynamically and in real time, correlating them with other events and assessing the associated risk. Prevention and defence activities are based on alarms generated by SOC related to attack scenarios or the identification of new vulnerabilities. As well as this, SOC ensures the recovery of the integrity and availability of the information and systems attacked.

Leonardo has not only developed a wide spectrum of solutions to intercept, manage and process information for governmental and military use, but also cyber intelligence services for monitoring and analysing Big Data tailored to customers’ specific needs. 

Consolidated experience, computing and vision capability, and a specialist team of analysts and defence experts are the main factors of our success, which have made the Company a reliable international partner, for institutions such as NATO, the UK Ministry of Defence, and the Italian Public Administration.


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