One billion euro deal with Iran Air for new generation ATR

One billion euro deal with Iran Air for new generation ATR

ATR has signed an agreement with Iran Air for the sale of 20 new generation ATR 72-600 and an option for 20 more, valued at one billion euro. In addition to ensuring the highest standards of comfort and reliability, the supply of the ATR 72-600 will contribute to the expansion of air traffic in Iran, strengthening regional transport in the country, where the first ATR was sold in 1992.

The ATR 72-600 is an aircraft able to operate in very different environments including small airfields, unpaved runways and mountainous regions. It has between 68 and 78 seats, with a maximum takeoff weight of 23,000 kg, a maximum load of 7,500 kg and nearly 1,700 kilometres as the maximum range with a full passenger load.

Since 2010, ATRs have been the bestselling aircraft with 90 seats or less worldwide. They represent 37% of all aircraft sales in this category (77% if only turboprop planes are taken into consideration). In 2015, ATR received its 1500th firm order since the beginning of the programme.

Again in 2015, 12 new operators chose the new -600 series allowing the Company to pass the threshold of 200 operators (all models included) from nearly 100 countries worldwide.

ATR has started 2016 with a backlog of 260 aircraft, which amounts to a total value of 6.6 billion dollars, which accounts for approximately three years of production.

Finmeccanica 01/02/2016