Finmeccanica press release

The Shareholders’ Meeting of SELEX Sistemi Integrati S.p.A., which met under the chairmanship of Giuseppe Veredice, acknowledged the resignation tendered by the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer Marina Grossi from all positions held within the Finmeccanica Group, and therefore from her roles as Director of the Board, CEO and COO of the company. 

The Shareholders’ Meeting therefore increased the number of the company’s Directors of the Board to nine, appointing as Directors Paolo Aielli, CEO of SELEX Elsag, Fabrizio Giulianini, CEO of SELEX Galileo, and Mario Orlando, Group General Counsel of Finmeccanica. 
Following the conclusion of the shareholders’ meeting, the Board of Directors of the company met, and unanimously conferred on Chairman Giuseppe Veredice the powers necessary to manage the company. 
The meeting also appointed Fabrizio Giulianini as Vice Chairman. In addition, in light of the resignations tendered previously by Co-General Manager Letizia Colucci and Commercial Director Manlio Fiore, the Board appointed Lorenzo Mariani as Chief Operating Officer.
Roma 15/12/2011