The mission of the 30th Cavour Naval Group comes to an end

The mission of the 30th Cavour Naval Group comes to an end

After nearly five months, the campaign of the 30th Cavour Naval Group ended on the 8th of April. During this period the aircraft carrier Cavour, auxiliary Etna, frigate Bergamini and patroller Borsini reached 20 different countries and have been involved in activities such as training, maritime security, anti-piracy cooperation, support for Marine of the visited countries and humanitarian assistance.


The Finmeccanica Group has embarked on this campaign through companies AgustaWestland, OTO Melara, Selex ES, WASS, Telespazio, Thales Alenia Space and MBDA. The circumnavigation of the African continent has enabled the Group to demonstrate their skills and products not only within the booth set up on board the Cavour aircraft carrier, but also, and especially, during the various opportunities for joint training with foreign navies.


AgustaWestland has highlighted the helicopters on board the Navy unities, the NH90 NFH and AW101, two of the top models in the range of helicopters for naval use, while Selex ES, which has more than 50 years of leadership in the field of naval defense as supplier and integrator of radar and combat systems, has been able to illustrate to the various guests that have taken place on board the aircraft carrier Cavour, among all its systems, the Combat Operations Centre which houses 32 multifunctional console through which it operates the Combat Management System (CMS), the backbone of the entire ship system.


OTO Melara and WASS and MBDA had the opportunity during the five months at sea to present their systems, including the family of guided munitions Volcano, the STRALES, the evolution of the Black Shark heavy torpedo, the torpedo light A244/S Mod.3, the V-FIDES, Aspide 2000, Aster 15 and Aster 30, Marte MK2/S and Theseus/Otomat.


Telespazio presented on Cavour its services in the field of integrated communications and geoinformation, with services and applications dedicated to maritime communications, emergency communications and television services.

Civitavecchia 10/04/2014