Finmeccanica's first appearance as One Company at Bahrain Air Show

Finmeccanica's first appearance as One Company at Bahrain Air Show
  • Finmeccanica launched at the start of the year as a single organisation operating in aerospace, defence and security
  • The Gulf region is a strategic market for the company
  • Finmeccanica is currently upgrading six Royal Bahrain Naval Force ships


Finmeccanica, Italy’s leading high-technology group, will make its first appearance as ‘one company’ at the Bahrain Air Show 2016 on January 21st, showing at its stand products from its Helicopter division (in the process of the reorganisation of the Group’s companies, the division has absorbed, from January 1st 2016, the activities of AgustaWestland), and from its “Airborne & Space Systems”, “Land & Naval Defence Electronics” and “Security & Information Systems” divisions (which have absorbed Selex ES’s activities). As well known, thanks to the One Company model, driven by CEO and General Manager Mauro Moretti, Finmeccanica has become one organisation operating in aerospace, defence and security, with a new governance and operating model, organised into sectors and divisions and replacing the previous model of a holding company of separately controlled businesses.


Bahrain Air Show is a particularly fitting public debut for the One Company organisation, as Finmeccanica sees the Gulf region as a strategic market and has a strong position in Bahrain and the wider region. Most recently, Finmeccanica was awarded a contract through its Land and Naval Defence Electronics division to upgrade six Royal Bahrain Naval Force ships and will be providing the relevant training services, helping to secure the country. In the Middle East, Finmeccanica also has an established and growing presence in the helicopter sector, offering both products and support services through its Helicopter division. A range of AgustaWestland products are used by a number of customers to perform commercial and military roles including executive transport, offshore transport, emergency medical service, search and rescue, utility, law enforcement and naval missions.   


At the show, Finmeccanica will build on these links by exhibiting a full range of capabilities relevant to the region. Visitors will be able to learn about Finmeccanica’s Air and Space Systems via an interactive display and learn about the company’s extensive range of naval capabilities and expertise in cyber security on video screens. The company will also be highlighting two systems of particular relevance to the region: the Falcon Shield, a counter-UAV security system, and the LeadInSky air traffic control system. Falcon Shield has been designed to combat the threat from small, easily available commercial drones. Able to find, fix, track, identify and defeat threats, Falcon Shield is the first such system to offer an ‘RF management’ electronic attack option for operators, allowing them to take control of remotely piloted drones and land them safely. LeadInSky is also set to improve security, in this case by offering air traffic controllers a highly dependable solution based on more than 50 years of ATC radar experience. With rapidly evolving demands placed on air traffic controllers by a growing number of passengers, LeadInSky is the trustworthy answer to the most complex ATC requirements. 

Manama, Bahrain 21/01/2016 10:20