Launched the fifth and final Automated Transfer Vehicle

Launched the fifth and final Automated Transfer Vehicle

The ATV (Automated Transfer Vehicle) Programme of the European Space Agency was completed with the launch of the latest automated transport vehicle built by Thales Alenia Space. Like the previous modules, including "George Lemaître," named after Nobel Prize for Physics, it will supply the Space Station with experimental equipment, spare parts, food, air and water.


The module, in addition to 3 tons of cargo, will also carry 2.7 tons of propellant that will be used for the maintenance of the Space Station in orbit, and about 850 kg of water and 100 kg of oxygen.


The operations of load transfer of ATV will be performed by the crew of the Space Station, and will be followed in real time by a joint team of technicians from Thales Alenia Space and ALTEC control center. For about thirty days the two cargo transport systems built by Thales Alenia Space will be docked on the International Space Station: the European ATV ICC and the U.S. Cygnus PCM pressurized module.


All ATVs have been made by a European consortium led by Airbus Defence and Space, with Thales Alenia Space as main industrial partner on behalf of the European Space Agency for what concerned the International Space Station (ISS), which also sees a significant contribution by Italian Space Agency.


Telespazio has participated in the development of the Flight Application Software (FAS) and has supported the operations of all five launches. In particular, Telespazio France took part in the mission ATV5 from both the Kourou and Toulouse Space Centers, to provide launch operational support and services.

Kourou, Guyana Francese 30/07/2014