Ansaldo STS has been awarded the first TramWawe® contract in China

Ansaldo STS has been awarded the first TramWawe® contract in China

Ansaldo STS, a Finmeccanica compangy, has been chosen by CNR Equipment Engineering Co Ltd to build the first TramWave® catenary-free system in China, implementing the agreement that was signed in 2012 with CNR Dalian and with the Taiwanese company GRC which aimed to implement the construction of tramways with this innovative technology in the Chinese territory. The contract is worth approximately Euro 26 Millions for the construction of an 8.7 km double track line with the innovative catenary-free system named TramWave®.


CNR Dalian has signed a framework agreement with the municipality of Zhuhai for the construction of a catenary-free tramway system in the city of Zhuhai. Line 1, which is the subject of this agreement, is the first phase of its implementation.


TramWave® is the innovative catenary-free electrical supply designed and patented by Ansaldo STS in order to promote urban transportation and to eliminate the visual impact of the traditional overhead catenaries. This system provides benefits in terms of visual impact as it eliminates the unattractive overhead cables network by resorting to a ground-level traction power collection system.

Ansaldo STS has already implemented a section of more than 600 metres in a significant arterial road in the city of Naples. This allowed a system test to be carried out under particularly complex conditions, interacting with the urban context.

Beijing 07/11/2013