Shows at Allende Center

Shows at Allende Center

Eight OTO events” is the name of a number of events organized by OTO Melara Seniors Group of La Spezia and Brescia and by the A.N.L.A. The events are sponsored by the Municipality of La Spezia and will be held at the Allende Centre in La Spezia from tomorrow to 15 September.


OTO Melara employees and retired personnel will participate in musical and art events that frame the ‘OTO and creativity’ exhibitions on a new background made of shows, concerts, cheerfulness and reflections. We have already had the opportunity to discover the amazing artistic talents of many OTO Melara employees or of their sons or retired colleagues. ‘OTO and creativity’ started almost one year ago, when the Seniors Group decided to organize art and photographic exhibitions for the employees in the factory and at the Urban Centre, a site near the historic Town Theatre of La Spezia.


This year OTO Melara art exhibitions will make a significant improvement and will be held at the Salvador Allende cultural Centre, a cosy site open to many cultural, art, musical, social events in La Spezia. There will be new forms of art – music, cabaret, literature – and different kinds of music: jazz, disco, classical, Karaoke, Latin American.


The exhibitions opening will be held on 7 September at 18:00 with a concert by Carlo Alfredo Mussinelli string quartet Music Club. OTO Melara CEO Roberto Cortesi, the Councillor in charge of Culture of La Spezia Municipality Diego Del Prato and the Deputy Director of the Association of Industrialists Marco Raffellini will participate in the event.


The paintings and photographs exhibition of the colleagues of La Spezia and Brescia will be open to the public from 10 to 12 am and from 5 to 7 pm. Every day there will be a special evening event.
On 7 September there will be a cookery competition called ‘The best cake’, in the evening it will be possible to dance disco music of the seventies and eighties. Karaoke will be on Sunday and ‘The best quiche’ competition on Monday, followed by the presentation of the book ‘Ray of Sunlight’, the name of the Obelisk by Francesco Vaccarone that OTO Melara has donated to the town. The book will be illustrated with photographs by Roberto Battistelli. The New Tradition Group Orchestra and the Tres Mas Dos dance school will perform music and Latin American dance in the following evening. Thursday evening, 14 September, will be dedicated to soliloquies: ‘The Court’ will present ‘Homage to Franca Rame’. The painters and photographers taking part in the ‘OTO and creativity’ exhibition will be awarded a prize on the last day. In the evening the event will end up with an exciting jazz concert: a tribute to Wes Montgomery, the great American guitar player of the sixties.


A permanent exhibition of the legendary and perfectly operational OTO Tractors will be held in the garden of the Allende Centre.
Eight days for an exhibition that will include: dancing, music, cabaret, painting, photography – colour and black and white – and, why not, cooking too.
All ‘made in OTO Melara’.

La Spezia 05/09/2013