Alenia Aermacchi: Airbus' "Best Improving Supplier" Award Winner

Alenia Aermacchi: Airbus'

On the occasion of a ceremony held in Toulouse, Airbus awarded the prize of 'Best Improving Supplier' to Alenia Aermacchi for having featured, among their partners, the highest industrial performance improvement in 2012 and 2013.


The distinction was awarded as the final step of the SQIP (Supplier Quality Improvement Plan) initiative, aimed at the continuous improvement of product quality. Alenia Aermacchi has been collaborating with Airbus on the SQIP programme since 2009 with the programmes A321 and A380, whose large components of the fuselage are produced in Alenia Aermacchi’s Nola plant, near Naples.


During 2013, Alenia Aermacchi accomplished all programme deliveries, ranking at the top of performance with a 99% OTD (On Time Delivery) for the A321 programme.


Alenia Aermacchi boasts a consolidated partnership with Airbus since more than 30 years, started in 1981 with the agreements for the A300 and A310 aircraft family.  Ten years later, in 1991, Alenia Aermacchi signed an agreement for the design and production of the A321 fuselage front section.  
In 2001, Alenia Aermacchi became partner of the A380 programme, responsible for producing nearly 5% of the aircraft’s aerostructure, that is the highest participation of an European industry outside of the Airbus Group partner companies. Alenia Aermacchi’s industrial involvement includes the design and production of the segments of an equipped section of the aircraft’s central fuselage.
Thanks to special transports and a dedicated ship leaving from the Port of Naples, the aircraft’s over-sized components reach the Airbus plant in St. Nazaire, France, where they are assembled with other parts coming from other Airbus sites.

Turin 15/04/2014