1000 flight hours for the NH-90 helicopter

1000 flight hours for the NH-90 helicopter

After a little more than a year after their first operational mission in Afghanistan, two NH-90 helicopters of the Italian Army Aviation(AVES), part of the “Fenice” (phoenix) Task Force have exceeded 1000 hours of flight during a reconnaissance over Herat.


They begun their deployment more than a year ago and were the first Italian NH-90s to be involved in combat support missions.


The NH90 is the 11 tonne class, medium lift, multi-role military helicopter developed according to the NATO Staff Requirements and it represents the result of an extensive European collaboration programme between AgustaWestland, Eurocopter and Stork Fokker Aerospace (NHIndustries). The helicopter is equipped with advanced, latest generation avionics equipment, fully integrated with systems for day and night vision that allow the crew a constant high level of Situational Awareness.


Two main versions are available from the core air vehicle: the TTH, Tactical Transport Helicopter, and the NFH, the naval version.


The Task Force “Fenice" uses also the A129 "Mongoose" and CH47 "Chinook".


Herat 16/10/2013