Selex ES to unveil new ultra-long-range IR camera and scientific IR sensor module at SPIE 2014

Selex ES to unveil new ultra-long-range IR camera and scientific IR sensor module at SPIE 2014

Selex ES, a Finmeccanica company, will be unveiling two new products at SPIE DSS, a specialist conference highlighting the most advanced research and technology in optics, IR imaging, lasers, and sensing (5 - 9 May 2014 in Baltimore, USA).


The company will be exhibiting for the first time its new Infrared camera Horizon HD, with live demonstrations highlighting the camera’s sustained performance, even at extreme long ranges. The ultra long range capability of Horizon is achieved by using Selex ES’s own Falcon HD detector coupled together with an innovative lens assembly, surpassing previous industry benchmarks. The Horizon HD also uses new proprietary turbulence mitigation technology which minimises the effects of heat turbulence that normally affects thermal imagery over long distances. The Horizon HD camera is the latest product added to Selex ES’s thermal imaging camera portfolio which has already been proven on operations with UK Forces, equipping vehicles including the Army’s Mastiff, Royal Navy’s Automatic Small Calibre Gun Systems and RAF’s Chinook helicopter as well as the Armed Forces of a range of international customers.


In addition, Selex ES will be showing off its new Sprint Module which comprises a 2D MCT FPA detector, cooling engine and first stage readout electronics. The compact, high-speed sensor module is specifically designed for scientific instruments. Unlike most thermal imagers which detect infrared in specific narrow wavebands, the Sprint Module has a broad spectral response (2.0um to >12um) making it ideal for chemical identification and analysis applications in a wide range of industries.


These new technologies will be on show alongside some of Selex ES’s other Infrared products including the Hawk-S camera, recently launched with the UK Royal Navy, and a range of world-leading IR sensors. To book a long-range Horizon HD demonstration for your organization at SPIE DSS, contact


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