OTO Melara Historical Archives

OTO Melara Historical Archives

The Inventory of the historical archives of OTO Melara, related to the period ranging from 1902 to 1972, will be presented at OTO Melara on Wednesday 23 May.

The volume, published by the prestigious series of volumes of the Ansaldo Foundation, is the result of an important work carried out by the Melara Museum Association  with the coordination of the Archives Office of Liguria. The volume represents a long work of preservation, recovery and restoration of the company’s historical documents since the foundation of the Terni Group.

OTO Melara has always enhanced the importance of its history. With this publication it contributes to consolidating interest in the company’s archives offering the unique opportunity to bring to light documents that were not accessible or that could be consulted only in public archives: booklets, account books and papers of inestimable historical, social, industrial and economic value also for the history of the Italian Defence.

Experts will be able to access the historical data of one of the most important companies of the Defence Industry. Carlo Alberto Iardella, CEO of OTO Melara, said: ‘We could speak at length about the documentary potential of OTO Melara ‘s archives, but let’s leave the inventory the task to describe the archives’contents’.

La Spezia 23/05/2012 09:20