AW1088 GrandNew training service

AW1088 GrandNew training service

AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, is pleased to announce that a comprehensive range of training services dedicated to the GrandNew light twin helicopter model is available for global customers and supplied by AgustaWestland at the Swiss Aviation Training facility located in Zurich.


These training services are provided through a cooperation agreement with Swiss Aviation Training (SAT) for the supply of synthetic training services through the Swiss HEMS provider Rega’s Full Flight Simulator (FFS) signed earlier this year. The services are available for customers operating GrandNew light twin helicopters, with courses being carried out at the SAT Training Centre. Under this agreement a large range of services includes type rating, refresher and recurrent courses, as well as instructor training, comprising theoretical ground training and utilizing the FFS which is operated by SAT. Following the signing of the agreement the supply of this comprehensive range of training services has progressively expanded and AgustaWestland expects approximately 1300 flight hours will be logged in 2014. 


A GrandNew Full Flight Simulator (FFS), designed and produced by AgustaWestland in Sesto Calende in Italy and certified by the Swiss National Aviation Authority (SFOCA), is at the core of the training services supplied at SAT Training Centre. The FFS was delivered to air-rescue operator Rega earlier this year, starting operations in spring. This advanced training device both meets Rega’s training requirements for its new fleet of Da Vinci and GrandNew light twin helicopters and AgustaWestland is also providing technical support and assistance in maintaining the simulator.


The dual certified Level 3 Flight Training Device / Level B FFS features a GrandNew light twin helicopter with IFR cockpit to offer VFR/IFR single and dual pilot flight and mission specific training. The FFS helps familiarise pilots with the latest technology found in the GrandNew cockpit, which features Flight-Logic Synthetic Vision EFIS (Electronic Flight Instrument System) with a FMS (Flight Management System), HTAWS (Helicopter Terrain Awareness Warning System), HITS (Highway In The Sky) and embedded flight recording functions.


The GrandNew features the most modern developments in avionics while retaining the outstanding characteristics of the Grand. The GrandNew is the first type certified light twin (CS/JAR/FAR 27) to enter service with a new EFIS featuring Synthetic Vision and the first helicopter in this class on the market fully compliant with the latest advanced global positioning system-based navigation requirements for all weather operations. The fastest helicopter in the light twin category, the GrandNew also features the largest and most comfortable cabin in its class. Orders for more than 330 helicopters from the Grand series have been placed by over 200 customers in nearly 40 countries worldwide, to perform many missions including EMS/SAR, VIP/corporate transport, passenger transport, harbor pilot shuttle, maritime patrol, law enforcement and water pollution monitoring.


Swiss AviationTraining is a fully-owned subsidiary of Swiss International Air Lines Ltd. The company has operations in Zurich, Munich and Frankfurt and focuses on providing initial and further training for commercial pilots, cabin staff, aircraft mechanics and companies’ management and personnel. An approved flying training organization and type rating training organization (FTO/TRTO), Swiss AviationTraining has extensive experience in its various training fields, and numbers several Swiss and international airlines among its customers together with further companies from other business sectors.

AgustaWestland 24/09/2013 10:32