ANPR / ALPR Services

ANPR / ALPR Services

The Security and Information Systems Division solution for Automatic Number Plate Recognition, Auto-Detector (also known as Plate Hunter ALPR), is used on a daily basis by 3,000 Italian Carabinieri and Police patrol cars, and more than 1,000 agencies, in all 50 States and DC in US.


The Security and Information Systems Division ANPR portfolio includes a comprehensive suite of wholly integrated system management and real time analytical tools delivered through best-in-class products and services. Select the service tabs below for further details.


Our ANPR On Boarding Service, combined with the ANPR EOC, ensures on-time delivery of your ANPR needs including Project Management, Lifecycle Management, System Analysis, System Design, Data Analysis, Test Management, Testing, Integration, Migration, Training, System Accreditation Management, and Training Solutions including Training Course Design and Training Delivery.


Features of our on boarding service:

  • Experienced and dedicated ANPR Delivery Team 
  • 4-Step Approach – Consult, Design, Build, Manage
  • Design, implementation & management of reliable information security architectures 
  • Collaborative approach to Design, Development, Configuration and Implementation
  • Tried and tested Integration approach
  • Established migration tools and approach
  • Government Recognised Project Management Approaches
  • Focussed Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement
  • Requirements and Stakeholder Workshops 
  • ICT risk governance
  • Information security management systems (ISO 27001)
  • Audit and assessment 
  • Proven approach to delivery 
  • Dedicated Training Team 


Benefits of our on boarding service:

  • A collaborative approach that ensures:
    • Stakeholders’ needs are at the heart of the programme 
    • Requirements remain the focus of the programme
    • Appropriate behaviours, skills and thinking are established to support a dynamic culture
    • People understand their role in terms of expectations on them and what they can expect to receive
    • Communication is appropriate to all levels of the organisation, its partners and stakeholders
    • Appropriate functionality and features are delivered to the people/teams that need it
    • Our training meets the needs of the programme, the organisation and the individual


For more information about our onboarding services, contact Leonardo

Our Enterprise Operations Centre (EOC) is a software and database solution for high-speed, large-scale ingestion, storage, inquiry and audit of nation-wide vehicle number plate data. The system is designed to be a scalable, national solution, sustaining 50 million inbound reads per day while providing active query capability to thousands of users.


Features of our EOC:

  • Highly Scalable and Flexible Architecture and Data Storage
  • Supports high data ingestion rates
  • Choice of infrastructure/platform hosting options
  • Sophisticated data mining capabilities
  • Convoy Analysis, Cloned Plate Analysis
  • Overlay of ANPR data on maps
  • Robust and Configurable access controls with full history logging
  • Rapid operational response to watchlist matches
  • Open interface for exchange of data with external systems
  • Tools for management and dissemination of watchlists
  • Comprehensive audit capabilities
  • ITIL-based support and service management options
  • Sophisticated security model to manage access controls
  • Flexible licensing options
  • Full Data Migration services
  • Optional protective monitoring
  • Comprehensive auditing functionality
  • Customer-driven functional refresh programme



Benefits of our EOC:

  • Supports the Government initiatives to:
    • Deter and disrupt criminal and terrorist activity
    • Remove prolific and serious offenders from the streets 
    • Support intelligence-led operations and increase arrests
    • Increase seizures of uninsured vehicles
    • Improve public safety and reduce road traffic collisions and casualties


  • Whilst ensuring that the solution:
    • Offers a single truth of vehicle data
    • Reduces the costs of police operations
    • Offers efficient use of police resources
    • Increases auditability and reduces risk of security breaches 
    • Generates greater data sharing across other Government depts. 
    • Provides better protection of individuals’ data


For more information about our Enterprise Operations Centre, contact Leonardo